ElectricBot Magento Web Development

ElectricBot Magento Web Development

ElectricBot is one of the leading tech partners when it comes to Magento 2.0 web development. In our expert opinion, Magento is arguably the best eCommerce platform out there, and it’s utilized by some of the biggest brands online. The fact that we have four certified back-end Magento developers with a ton of experience under their belt, allows us to make the most out of it and personalize it to our clients’ requirements and needs. If you’re still contemplating “Why Magento?” – here are four great reasons.

The Magento Platform Offers Full Control

The Magento eCommerce platform offers full control not only to our developers, but to the site owners as well. You can access all of the content while we work on the website, and we can work out the technicalities together, from design to back-end activities. Even though Magento is template-based, it’s unlike other template-based platforms where you don’t have access to the back-end, and even front-end activities can be quite limited. Additionally, Magento can be customized to work with any back-end distribution and for any specific work flows that your business might need.

Magento is Open-Source

As an open-source platform, the owners and developers have access to the source code. This contributes towards the freedom and flexibility Magento offers, meaning you can modify the functionality of your website completely in order to accommodate your needs. This gives us the opportunity to create whatever you want. This allows you to customize how your website processes and displays information, therefore giving you complete control over the logic and design of your website.

Magento is Scalable

As aforementioned, Magento is very customizable and thus highly scalable, meaning that with the right configuration and hardware it can support businesses of all size. Why is this important? Well, businesses grow, and so does their website’s traffic. So if your servers are under heavy load, you can add more servers on Magento to handle all the extra traffic. Many other eCommerce platforms don’t offer this feature and many businesses have serious consequences, such as slow page load speeds, site crashes and in the big picture – losing revenue and customers.

Magento is Extremely Functional

Magento offers a large amount of extensions and functionality. For the unfamiliar, extensions are similar to phone apps, like small pieces of code that can be implemented into Magento, so that it can perform something it didn’t from the original code. Some of the more popular extensions a lot of eCommerce retailers implement include the ability to display product categories in list and grid view or the one-page Magento checkout. Do not hesitate to contact us at ElectricBot for complete Magento web development services!