Tips for a Successful Magento Site

Tips for a Successful Magento Site

Magento is the king of ecommerce sites right now, offering you a top notch online store and user experience. But how can you make yours the best? Here are five tips on how to create a super successful Magento commerce site, including layout design, Magento CMS, SEO, and more.

Responsive Layout

As a potential customer navigates your Magento commerce site, the goal is to direct them through the path of purchase. But if your webpage has a bad layout and difficult user experience they’ll click out. It’s important that the design is not only visually appealing but functional on every page.

When creating a Magento commerce site, it’s also important that it’s responsive to all different types of devices, including laptops, phones, and tablets. The site’s layout should easily reformat to the type of electronic it’s viewed on. No one’s trying to view a webpage fit for the size of a laptop on their tiny smartphone.

Easy to Use Checkout

Going hand in hand with responsive layout, once you get a potential customer to add items to their cart, you need to make sure they finish the checkout process. If your Magento commerce site has a complicated buying process, users may feel it’s unsecure, a waste of time, or that the product is not worth the effort.

Here you should have everything ready, such as fields for them to enter their shipping information and billing, as well as brand’s contact information and any security certifications.


As just mentioned, security is super important to Magento commerce customers. Your site needs to not only have all the security measures in place on the back end, but appear secure. Most people will have an issue giving their credit or debit information online (which is what you need to make a sale) if the site they’re shopping from looks untrustworthy.

Magento CMS

Content is king when it comes to being recognized online. One way you’ll succeed in this aspect is utilizing Magento CMS, also known as content management system. Blogs or guides are a great way to direct a potential customer, with your brand in mind, to making a purchase. You can even use the method to direct them to certain items or a new collection. They also work great to upping your SEO, which can attract new consumers.

All of this is super easy to handle even if you’re not a coding wiz (or even a novice), with a Magento CMS.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for top notch recognition when it comes to SEO. For each page you have, identify keywords for the content and the brand and increase your SEO: where you show up on search engine listings such as Google or Yahoo. There are multiple SEO plugins that can aid you, or if you’re unsure how to tackle the fairly new landscape of SEO yourself, hire an expert to assist and make your website the best version of itself.

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