What You Should Know about Magento

What You Should Know about Magento

Thinking of upgrading your website? Heard Magento web design is the best around? You’re not wrong, but before either creating your first ecommerce site or upgrading your current one to a Magento platform there’s some things you should absolutely know. No worries though!

We’ve got you covered with the quick and easy on Magento and how to create the best site for your brand.

Magento 2.0 Requires You to Rebuild Your Site

While the 2.0 Magento platform is easily the best ecommerce solution currently out there, it does have its drawbacks. Mainly that it requires you to fully rebuild your site, whether by yourself or by hiring a team of developers and designers. The newest Magento web design does not allow easy migration or an upgrade path.

You may want to work on designing and creating this site (keeping it unpublished) while your current ecommerce platform is still running. This way your business stays on track and you don’t fall behind your goals while still moving forward to a better and brighter future.

Two Platform Options

There has always been two Magento platform versions, Community and Enterprise. Community is free to download version. It may still require money if you don’t have the knowledge to develop and design the platform, while Enterprise has a licensing fee. It will really be about what works best for you and fits your Magento web design needs.

Used by More Retailers

Magento has become the most popular solution out there for online retailers. It has been used for years and by hundreds of thousands of retailers. You can sleep soundly at night knowing Magento web design has a widespread seal of approval and that your business is in good hands (or should we say a good platform).

Allows Easy Interaction with Customers

One of the easily customizable features when it comes to Magento web design is the level of interaction with customers. Through things like email lists, newsletters, cart reminders, and more, you can easily connect with those who have visited your site. For example, sending product notifications to those who were interested when an item comes back in stock, or following up via email after someone has let their cart sit.

What will Benefit You the Most?

There are so many options and features you can customize and add to your Magento web design platform. Word of advice, don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t go overboard. Pick what really benefits your site, your business, and your customer and create a clean, navigable, and informative Magento platform.

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