● Custom Magento development and design

● Intuitive ecommerce site

● Full-stop online marketing, design, and programming takeover

● 400% increase in online sales

The challenge

ARI is a luxury men’s clothing company with successful retail locations in some of the most high-end parts of NYC and Miami. But when it came to their online presence, ARI was falling behind. They approached Electricbot with the challenge on creating an equally visible and profitable digital extension of their brand, including a revamped ecommerce site and assistance with digital marketing, design, and programing.

Our solution

Electricbot, working closely with the ARI team, took over all their online content and creation. We built a completely custom Magento ecommerce site to not only fit ARI’s needs, but their luxury personality. A ground-up effort, our team cleaned and imported all old products, retouching thousands of product photos. Since then, ARI has seen a 400% increase in online sales.

Electricbot still works daily with the team to coordinate email marketing, social media, and other digital marketing efforts.