The world works on the go,
and so should your company

It is easy to focus only on developing a strong digital experience for customers using their computers or laptops. However, the truth is, your customers are far more likely to access your online offering on the go. A mobile application allows you to communicate and engage with your customers wherever they are. This will make you ten times more likely to develop long lasting customer relationships by providing a satisfying digital experience right on a person’s smartphone.

At ElectricBot, our mobile application development team have the experience and expertise to turn your mobile application dream into reality. Whether you are looking to create a mobile shopping experience, or allow customers to access your offline service, such as parking their car or buying a pizza, we are here to make it happen.

We offer complete and custom mobile app development service including:

  • IOS application development
  • Android app development
  • User interface design
  • User journey strategy
  • Integrated CRM software

Project Image Parking Badge
Project Image Parking Badge

As with any project, we start the process of building your app by truly understanding the mission of the company. After we understand this, we are able to develop an app which is in sync with your mission.

Once the app is developed, we also offer strategies on how to get maximum engagement from customers through your app including training on how to use in-app communication and other engagement tools.


The latest technology

We develop all our IOS apps using Swift

Google friendly

Our Android app development team uses the latest and most effective language Kotlin.

Results delivered on time

We make sure that we keep to the development schedule and deliver your app as quickly as possible.

Let’s work together to
build something great.

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