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Social media has transformed from a casual way to stay in touch with friends into a daily routine for the majority of Americans. We use it to interact with everything that is important to us including our favourite brands. Social media marketing is no longer optional and represents a powerful opportunity to reach your customers, and develop long lasting relationships with them.

At ElectricBot, we know how to harness the potential of social media and steer you in a direction that makes sense for your brand. The way we do this is by truly understanding who your customers are. What do they use on a daily basis, is it Facebook, or Instagram, or Pinterest? By understanding how they use social media, we can target them with a success guaranteed social media campaign.

Our social media consulting services include:

  • Social media consulting and strategy
  • Social media management and measurement
  • Social media ads and campaigns
  • Social media content and creative
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There are many benefits of having a focused social media strategy that aren’t just about making a one-off sale. Your customers will get to know who you are as a brand, and learn to trust you. This has an incredible effect upon the user experience, empowering them to get in touch with you easily and resolve any issues quickly. This is the basis of excellent customer service which translates into loyal customers.

Our experienced social account managers and digital advertising team have the tech and resources needed to create innovative custom packages to fit your needs. You can trust us for your graphics, content, and on-demand technical support.

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