Ecommerce Development by Electricbot New Jersey

Ecommerce development & strategy

Electricbot is a full service ecommerce agency, helping you from conception and implementation to a post-launch marketing strategy that highlights your online business. Our developers have several years of experience working with top ecommerce platforms and are able to completely customize every aspect of your website to meet your needs and help you achieve success. They’ll devote complete attention to your business, with online research of yourself, your competitors, and your audience so we know you almost as well as you know yourself.

And with our one-stop-shop approach, we’ll be able to create a fully cohesive online brand; from your website design and copy to your social media landscape.

Ecommerce Development by Electricbot NJ

Ecommerce Development by Electricbot | NJ

With specialists in Magento Commerce and Shopify, Electricbot offers leading services in:

  • Ecommerce consultancy and strategy
  • Ecommerce platform selection & development
  • Platform implementation
  • Platform customization
  • Ecommerce desig
  • Customer experience audit
  • Systems integration
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Website performance
Ecommerce Development New Jersey

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