Evolve is a physical therapy clinic located in Brooklyn, New York that has a single goal in mind – providing patients with a comprehensive type of physical therapy. Since 2010, Evolve has revolutionized the way in which physical therapy is done – with focusing on the underlying issues rather than the pain itself. They’ve had patients with unsuccessful past therapy experiences due to therapists not focusing on the injury and the dysfunction it was causing, but on the pain alone. At Evolve, they integrate manual therapy, incremental mobilization and targeted strength training, so not only do patients experience less pain, but they also experience long-term health improvements and recovery in the injured areas.

Evolve’s philosophy is simple – they treat each body and each differently, because at the end of the day, every person’s body and journey are unique. That being said, every patient’s therapy session is personalized to ensure a quick and efficient recovery. They provide patients with multiple locations that offer different types of therapy sessions.

The challenge

Evolve came to us asking for a complete overhaul of their website’s design and their SEO. They have multiple attractive locations around New York, but their online presence was lacking. Moreover, it was difficult for patients to come in contact with them and express their issues and needs, which meant they weren’t getting as much traffic and clientele online.

Our solution

ElectricBot’s web design team created an extremely simple, yet functional and appealing website that projects Evolve’s professionalism. Moreover, we worked on their SEO and they’ve seen significant improvements on search engines, and a significant increase in organic traffic. Additionally, we created a custom form for patients who want to get in contact with Evolve, where they can fill out all the necessary information and show up at one of their locations.