Magento Google Shopping Feed Module by ElectricBot

Mangento 2 Google Shopping Feed Module

Google Shopping is a service provided by Google that allows customers to search for, view, and compare products from different sites all around the world. These products are shown when a person uses Google to search for a product or service. Usually, they will show up in the results page, or under the shopping tab on Google.

For example, when a customer types ‘gaming laptop’ into Google, they may see sponsored ads appearing at the top of the page. These are products from different sites that sell and are promoting their gaming laptops.

Here at Electricbot, we have developed a custom module that makes it possible to connect Magento 2 with the Google Merchant center. This automated process sends your products data from your site to Google. The module was built over the latest version Magento 2. However, the module is also available for older Magento 2 versions as well.

You may be wondering exactly what this innovative module does and how it works. Let’s take a look.

  1. Grid to View Generated Feeds:
  2. Configure Google Merchant Details:
  3. Test Upload Connection:
  4. Feed Configurations:
  5. Google Merchant Center:
  6. Google Required Attributes Matched with Magento:

These configurations and many others are available with this custom module. Below is a more detailed list along with additional examples.

  1. Upload Feed to Google:
    a. SFTP
    b. FTP
    c. Manually
  2. Product Selection Type:
    a. All Products
    b. Specific Products
    c. Specific Categories
  3. Select Specific Products:
  4. Feed generation Frequency:

Overall, this module is what you need in order to have your Magento 2 site connected with the Google Shopping tool. If you want to discuss the details of this feature, or you need help integrating this module into your site, don’t hesitate to contact us today for assistance.