How to Ensure Your Magento Website is Safe and Sound

How to Ensure Your Magento Website is Safe and Sound

Just a couple of years ago, most people saw online shopping as their last resort, and many didn’t think highly of it. Nowadays, however, it has almost become a routine. One of the biggest reasons for such a quick transition is the Magento platform. Magento has helped thousands of entrepreneurs pave their path into the eCommerce space. However, having an attractive web design and exceptional user-experience isn’t everything, even though it’s of great importance. To be a premium seller in your market, you need to pay the utmost attention to security, because at the end of the day, no matter how user-friendly and appealing your website is, nobody will shop with you if it doesn’t feel safe and secure.

Being an open-source eCommerce platform is Magento’s number one reason for its popularity. And just like with everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to that. There are many “hackers”, or cybercriminals, as we like to call them, waiting to take advantage by finding and abusing security loopholes, so that they can benefit from your website in unethical ways. Moreover, some of these hackers go as far as attempting to create such opportunities.

But as aforementioned, the fact that Magento is open-sourced means that there’s a huge community of developers working on security patches for Magento, which are released every so often in order to deal with these security threats. For that reason, eCommerce business owners and their Magento development partners should keep up with these security patches as soon as possible, and update their eCommerce stores in order to prevent being taken advantage of. You can find the newest Magento security patches and best practices to protect yourself against hackers here.

But besides patching your Magento website, it’s also highly advisable to run a security check by running the website through the free Magento Security Scan Tool. Regardless whether you’re on the development team or on the merchant’s side, this scan is easy to do and once done, you’ll see whether your website is up to date with security patches or not. Additionally, this scan will help you deal with smaller security threats. The scan will alert you of any malware signatures, and you can consult your Magento solutions partner on how to effectively deal with all the threats that arise.

If your Magento 1.0 + or Magento 2.0 + website is under threat, take a step back and think of a smart way to tackle the issue. Get in touch with ElectricBot’s Magento Certified Developers who can put your website on the right track by forging an effective security plan and doing a thorough clean up of all malicious code.