How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Magento eCommerce Store

How to Use Social Media to promote your magento store

Is your virtual Magento storefront utilizing all the best tools to promote your eCommerce business? As one of the top leading web platforms, you must know all of your available options on how to maximize company profits. One of the simplest ways to add an extra oomph to your Magento site is through social media marketing. Creating a thriving social media base for your company can help you reach your target audience right where they are, scrolling through all those social media networks. Check out these tips and best practices below to reach your maximum number of online visitors to your Magento eCommerce store.

Implement A Social Strategy

Implementing a social media strategy is a crucial first step to promoting your business. It’s important to think about your overall goal for this type of promotion. Are you looking to simply expand your audience, or are you craving a deeper connection with your customers? Either way, developing a plan is needed for you to be able to see the progression of your social media strategy.

Best Practices for Social Media Use

  1. Post quality content regularly
  2. Optimize all social posts
  3. Pay attention to customer reviews
  4. Interact with your followers

If you are wanting to drive more traffic to your Magento eCommerce store, consistency is key. A quality optimized post can go a long way for your business. Over time, this along with follower and customer interaction will help to improve the authority and recognition of your site. Leading to an even more loyal customer base and additional conversions.

Enable Social Media Marketing Tools with Magento

The best way to promote and connect your social media to your site is through Magento extensions. These are add-ons that increase the functionality of your site. They can be found in the Magento Extension Marketplace, or added by a team of Certified Magento Developers, like us here at Electricbot.

Facebook Promotion with Magento Social

Created by the experts at Magento, this function allows you to connect with your Facebook audience to share company advertisements. While the above mentioned allows users to easily access their Facebook community, many other excellent social media extensions can be used with your Magento eCommerce site or customized by your web development team.

Utilize Social Media Extensions to Promote Magento eCommerce Store Growth 

Here are a few of the innovative social media extensions out there:

Social Suite: This extension allows you to access the backend of your store to post products or share messages through your social media channels.

Easy Share: The easy share extension allows your audience to share your pages and posts to their Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles, thus improving your businesses’ social reach. 

Social Pilot: Social Pilot helps you to promote your products on various social media channels. These would include, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest just to name a few.

With all the wonderful extensions for your Magento eCommerce store right at your fingertips, there is no reason not to begin promoting your site through social media. Let us help you upgrade your Magento site today.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Magento eCommerce Community

  • Extra traffic to your eCommerce website
  • User engagement with your company’s products
  • Increased recognition of your brand
  • Extra opportunities to convert
  • It can increase the authority of your brand
  • Improvement to your search engine rankings

Promoting your Magento eCommerce store can only help drive traffic to your site. More traffic equals more potential conversions. What are you waiting for? Contact us at Electricbot to learn more about using Magento to outrank your competition.