Price Negotiation Module

Product price is one of the key points that attract customers when they visit your site, and it keeps them coming back for more. Per human tendency, we like to buy things that will be at their lowest price, or we will negotiate the price. The Magento platform by default offers many different pricing types and promotions. However, none of them make the customer feel like they are in control of the price, or like they have a different relation to the site administrator rather than a sell-buy relation. To help with this, we’ve developed the Price Negotiation module, a function which allows the customers to negotiate prices on a product level.

At Electricbot, we have built a fully custom module to achieve this, based on the Magento version, and it is compatible with older versions as well. The key features to this function are the following:

  • Add negotiation prices in a separate form in the admin:



  • Manage Negotiated Prices in a custom grid:




  • Add multiple negotiated prices on the customer edit page in admin:



  • Export Prices as csv/xml format:



  • Automatically calculate negotiated price profit based on product cost:



  • Send notification emails when profit is lower than a specific configured amount:


  • Cart notification when negotiated price qty is not achieved:



These screenshots are taken from one of the sites we implemented this module on – RF Agriculture. The site administrators reported an increase in sales of around 35% after they launched the price negotiation module. Their customers appear to be happier now that they have control of the prices, and so are the owners now that they have a higher conversion rate.

If you need to implement this function, do not hesitate to contact us at Electricbot and we’ll implement it into your Magento platform. We have Magento Certified Developers with a lot of experience and knowledge that can create unique modules for your website. This will increase satisfaction among customers, and therefore, increase your conversion rate.