Red Flag



Web Dev

● Custom Magento 1.9 development and design

● Intuitive ecommerce site

● SEO audit and improvements

● Backorder and reorder management module

● Tiered pricing

The challenge

Redflag, the global B2B manufacturer, came to Electricbot looking to make their customers lives easier as they make the path to purchase. They were looking for a custom ecommerce site that made it effortless for their existing customers to order and reorder their product.

Our solution

We created a custom new design, as well as new code, to make a Magento 1.9 site that functioned as smoothly as possible. Redflag’s new website includes a custom backorder management module, as well as a custom reorder module.

We even added in tiered pricing based on customers. Between the website changes and our SEO improvements, Redflag’s sales have increased at least 30%, and not only are there tons of happy clients (new and old), the client is super happy with their new booming ecommerce business.