Web Dev

● Backend management module

● Price negotiation module

● Custom customer Registration

● Matrix Ordering

● Quick Ordering

● Custom email templates

● Custom shipment tracking module

The challenge

RF Agriculture came to us looking to create a top notch, completely custom, easy to navigate and purchase website for their range of agricultural products. They wanted an uncomplicated process for customers, so they’d keep coming back and ordering, able to purchase exactly what they needed each time.

Our solution

Electricbot created an easy to navigate, visually stunning, and informative website that includes a ton of personalized features; including backend management and price negotiation modules, customer registration, quick ordering, email templates, custom shipping tracking, and more.

With an array of diverse products, customers can easily get overwhelmed or lost when searching for what they need. We made it manageable by creating a well labeled navigation bar that categorizes everything RF Agriculture has to offer.