The Apple WWDC 2019 – What to Expect?

The Apple WWDC 2019 - What to Expect

Write code and blow minds – Apple’s 30th annual Worldwide Developers Conference is about to happen. It will take place in San Jose, California from June 3 to June 7.

This is one of the two major Apple events, used to showcase new software and technologies. It is a chance for thousands of developers to meet and exchange ideas through participation in workshops with over a hundred of Apple’s engineers.

Although nobody can perfectly predict the future certain things will most likely happen. We all can expect to see Tim Cook standing on the spotlight and announcing the beginning of the 30th annual WWDC.

More precisely, this will mark the beginning of the keynote – a 2 hours long event where all the major speakers will showcase new advancements in software and technology.

The most talked-about topic is certainly the new iOS 13 which will be debuted during the keynote.

iOS 13

It will probably be the Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, to introduce the long-awaited Dark Mode.

Dark mode already happened for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and macOS Mojave in 2018. It will be 6 years since Apple released the bright and white iOS 7 redesigns that much needed this feature. The dark mode will allow users to have a much better experience during nighttime viewing.

Font Picker will be yet another display feature that will allow you to change the fonts in message fields and flash an alert if you download a document with a font that is not supported.

The next feature is only rumored about – a new home screen, but this only a speculation.

iPad is getting a feature for displaying multiple windows in a single iPad app, using a tab view. iPads are also getting an undo gesture for text input. The user will be able to undo or redo an action using a three-finger tap on the keyboard area and a slide to the left or right. The complex gestures could lead to collision and confusion so we’ll see how the mechanics play in action.

There will be changes in-app updates to name just a few:

The Messages app – the user will create a profile picture and display their name.

The Mail app will sort messages depending on the category. The categories might be labeled as marketing, purchases, travel, and “not important”. Additionally, you will be able to mute notifications on certain threads, and there will be a “read later” queue.

Find my iPhone app – it is rumored that Apple is designing a new App that combines Find My Friends and Find My Phone into one. This app could rely on a search network, the “find network” feature that can help locate the missing device even when there’s no Wi-Fi. Another story connected to this one is about the Tile-like product tracker – a “tag” that can get attached to any item and paired to a user’s iCloud account.

Maps – the updated maps will allow the user to more easily set and navigate to frequent locations, like a home or work addresses.

Reminders app will have four sections – finished today, all tasks, scheduled tasks, and flagged tasks.

Book – a new progress tracker and a rewards system to encourage more reading

Home – better integration with security cameras and will offer a feature for viewing past recordings without having to access a third-party app.

Health app – an improved view of daily activity and more comprehensive tracking of menstrual cycles.

Augmented Reality, Tactics, and Machine Learning

AR and ML is something Apple is keen on implementing and developing. Apple sees AR, not as a feature but a core concept. So far they have aggressively pushed their ARKit a framework for AR. The new iOS 13 will have the ability to detect human poses. Apple is also working on improving a new framework that will allow for better control over the top tick engine. With new and better ML capabilities apps will be able to learn and improve in real-time.

watchOS 6

The new version of Apple’s watch, watchOS 6 will have its app store. This will certainly make the device more independent, a great thing for users who don’t constantly keep their iPhone beside them.

Users will be able to use new apps on their watch, they will record voice memos, and listen to audiobooks. There will be two health apps, “Dose” and Cycles”. The first one will serve as a pill reminder, while the second will track menstrual cycles.

MacOS 10.15

The next-generation version of macOS will be revealed this year during the WWDC. We’ll see which exotic name have they picked this time. The last version, the Mojave, had a new universal app feature. This feature will be expanded in the new version, the macOS 10.15.

The next step in the “Marzipan” initiative will continue the efforts started with including Home, Stocks, and Voice Memos, to macOS in macOS Mojave. Apple plans to release the first part of the iOS to Mac SDK in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15.

As part of the cross-platform initiative, Apple will introduce new Music, Podcasts, and Book apps in macOS 10.15. There will also be a new TV app. iTunes might fall from the position of the go-to app for accessing media on Mac. All the apps will be like their iOS counterparts.

A new addition (or a lack of it) for MacOS 10.15 is the inability to run 32-bit apps, but only 64-bit apps.


There are rumors about Apple being while previewing the redesigned Mac Pro. WWDC 2019 might provide the first glimpse of the updated Mac Pro, but it will not debut before fall 2019 when we can also expect to see the new Apple TV+.


It looks like the star of the night will be iOS 13. Based on previous iOS rollouts, the first iOS 13 betas for developers will most likely arrive during or a few days after WWDC 2019.

As in the past, Apple will try to walk the narrow line between supporting outside app developers and competing against them. There’s not much time left until the beginning of the conference. Let’s wait and see for ourselves.