What To Avoid on Your Magento based eCommerce Site

What To Avoid on Your Magento Eccomerce Site

Magento ecommerce site is a big step for your business and can greatly increase your online sales and recognition. That is, if you do it correctly. If you don’t design and develop an appealing and strategic site, your business will instead end up suffering.

No worries though. This guide has you covered on everything to avoid when it comes to creating a successful ecommerce marketing strategy and Magento ecommerce site.

Magento ecommerce

Confusing Landing Page

Your landing pages is one of the most important points on your Magento ecommerce website. This is the first point of contact your potential customers have with your brand. You need to make sure everything is laid out in a clear and engaging fashion.

This may mean hiring a team of web developers and designers to best create a functional Magento ecommerce site for you. You can work directly with them and use their expertise into what works best in terms of hierarchy and navigation.

Clumsy Navigation

If your pages don’t flow smoothly from one to another, you will easily lose customers who get irritated, frustrated, or confused. You need to make sure all of your pages actually connect, and that their path makes sense to someone who has never visited your site or is unfamiliar with your brand.

Engaging and Full Product Descriptions

When it comes to ecommerce marketing one of the most important aspects is having thorough and quality product images and descriptions so your customers know exactly what they are getting.

Your images should be well lit, in good condition, and should highlight each feature of your products. The description should include things such as materials, sizes, and any other specifics.

A Difficult Shopping Cart

You won’t have a very successful Magento ecommerce site if your shopping cart isn’t easy for customers to use. You need to have a clear path from them viewing the product, enjoying it, and them adding it to their shopping cart or bag. Having a Magento site allows complete customization of your cart and checkout process, Electricbot has done both for clients Sistaglam and ARI.

An Unsecure Checkout

One of the quickest ways to turn away customers is to have an unsecure checkout platform. Your Magento ecommerce site needs to not only be secure and safe but look so to customers. In today’s day and age cyber security and theft is a big worry, if your platform does not look like a trustworthy place to submit their information, you will lose most of your customers before they officially checkout.

Electricbot can easily help you reach your ecommerce marketing and Magento ecommerce goals. With a full team of developers, designers, copywriters and more, all of who are experts, you don’t have to worry about a Magento ecommerce site faux pas. Everything will run smoothly and have customers converting from cart to checkout left and right. Electricbot is here to help you with your Magento New Jersey needs.